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Years of war and turmoil caused the Gods to separate their worlds from one another. This did not stop the fighting. The demons were dealt a devastating blow when their gate was destroyed. The consequences were unexpected. Now, demons pour forth and spill into other worlds, wreaking havoc across existence.  

Elsewhere in Terralon, the King's Festival approaches. Many come from afar to compete in the yearly tournament. The title of Lord or Lady, and the riches and land which accompany said title, can be won in this competition. Even the poorest commoners have a chance at glory. 

Become the hero. Choose your character and go on quests, find treasure, and battle monsters across Terralon. Will you compete in the tournament at the King's Festival and earn the title of Lord or Lady? Can you stop the demon invasion and prevent the collapse of all worlds? Enjoy as the story unfolds in this adventure-a-day desktop calendar.

What you get:

About 640 Pages 312 days (Weekends combined on a single page) With separate pages containing the resolutions.

The zip files contain: 
13 PDFs:
1 PDF for an intro (rules and tokens)
12 PDFs for the months of the year

Also included:
1 PDF for Rules
12 PDFs for the different Heroes
1 PDF for Blank Character
1 PDF for Equipment management
1 PDF for Inventory management

Suggestions for Printing

The pages of the PDF are the size of the Quest Calendar page (neither A4 nor Letter). The original order of the calendar is designed so that the resolution to a given page is on the back of the previous page. To maintain this order when printing multiple pages per sheet and front to back (to save paper), we are providing  3 different zip files with different formats:

1x1  for printing each page on its own sheet. (Front, back)
2x1 for printing 2 pages on 1 sheet (Front x2, back x 2) 
2x2 for printing 4 pages on 1 sheet (Front x4, back x 4) 

All formats are designed so that when you print front and back, the pages align correctly on the backs of their front. The resolution to a given page, is on the back of the previous page.

For the Equipment and Inventory pages, you will only need to print 1.
For the Hero you will play, you will eventually pick just 1 and then only need to print that hero and their sheets.

Updates, Questions, and Errata

We are aware that you may have  questions about rules. You can always post a topic here or on a BoardGameGeek forum.  We monitor this regularly and try to answer questions quickly.

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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