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In Maladoria's capital city of West Haven, the court wizard and his apprentice have gone missing.  A new adventurer seeks them out and discovers a mysterious slime that has spread across the city. It corrupts everything it touches and mutated rats in the city's sewers. The church has shut down due to missing clergymen. Is this slime connected to the church? Is it somehow connected to the missing wizard?

Become the hero. Choose your character and go on quests, find treasure, and battle monsters across Maladoria. Can you find the missing wizard, uncover the plot behind this mysterious slime, and find ancient objects to help stop an evil plot to conquer Maladoria? Enjoy as the story unfolds in this adventure-a-day desktop calendar.

What you get:

About 640 Pages
312 days (Weekends combined on a single page)
With separate pages containing the resolutions.

The zip file contains: 
13 PDFs:
1 PDF for an intro (rules and tokens)
12 PDFs for the months of the year

Updates, Questions, and Errata

We are aware that you may have  questions about rules. You can always post a topic here or on a BoardGameGeek forum.  We monitor this regularly and try to answer questions quickly.

You may also notice printing mistakes in this product. You can find all errata and corrections here. We monitor and update  these frequently.

We apologize for the errors in our first publication. We vow to do better in catching and eliminating these for next year. We wish to fix all these, but  our development for 2022 is interfering with getting ahead on updates to the current year. Constant rendering and uploading of several large files takes time. Sorry.

Suggestions for Printing

The pages of the PDF are the exact size of the Quest Calendar page (neither A4 nor Letter).

Use a good PDF Printer (Chrome and Edge are surprisingly versatile) to print the pages how you would like them to appear (number of pages per sheet, size, etc). You can even save them off to a different PDF file in Letter or A4 size first before printing if you desire. This gives you more control on how you wish to print.

Calendar DIY

Original Backer and fan, Jarrod Olson, put together a DIY Calendar using a 3d printed holder, notepad padding compound, and a modified version of the PDF. Instructions with pictures , along with the modified PDF are found in the file: "2021calendarDIY.zip"

Many Thanks Jarrod.

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GenreAdventure, Role Playing
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